FSI Mercury Spray System

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Automatic spray procedure for cleaning silicon wafers up to 8" in diameter. Suitable for prediffusion cleaning, stripping in ozonated water and etching in HF or BOE. Small compact dimensions. Fast processing of the procedure. Safe operation. Low consumption of chemicals, especially in combination with our ozone water generator.

Features and Benefits
 High wafer capacity
 Reduced DI water consumption
 Savings of Chemicals
 Low effluent and Disposal Costs
 High Process Reliability
 Small Footprint
 Safe operation
 Reliable operation

 Six cassetes for 6“ wafers (150 wafers) **
 Four casettes for 8" wafers (100 wafers) **
 PLC controller
 15“ Touchscreen LCD Display
 PFA high purity pneumatic operated valve
 No metal contamination
 In-line ultrapure DI water heater
 Canister console
 Recirculation tank for HF / BOE
 Chamber Temperature Measurement

Process availability
 B clean
 C clean
 RCA clean
 SC1 clean
 SC2 clean
 Oxide etch
 Ozone clean
 Piranha clean
 Rinse and Dry

 Computer network support
 SECSII/GEM support
 O3 water generator as H2SO4 alternative
 IR acid heater

* available as optional accessories
** depending on used turntable configuration

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